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July 25, 2011


I really can't stress this enough: please do these videos mic'd and with a tripod. And some proper lighting wouldn't hurt.

I actually like the hand-held look of the video. That's probably why it is used so often in feature films.

I'm with Lumbergh.

How about a compromise.
Keep the camera still and maybe Greg could move around (a little bit).
Something needs to happen we keep talking about camera work and not the content. lol.

I think Greg needs to be holding a lightsaber. Then you can put the camera on a tripod, and it'll still be interesting. There's some free rotoscoping software on the internet.

Some shake the camera to get a specific effect.
Some imitate.

A mic seems fundamental to the process.

The content is what counts but my problem is that the video won't play. Not in Chrome anyway. It plays a few seconds - to the end of the buffer. Then it stops. Then resets to the beginning.

Usually I can get str videos to kind of play play.
But I don't think I can ever put the cursor - if that's what it's called - where I want and play from there.

I can't pause and wait for the video to load to avoid interuptions.

If you want to listen actively these things help.

One of my wife's stained glass creations is hanging behind Greg.

I think the video and audio quality are just fine; it's clearly meant to be an informal, personal blog type video, and I had no trouble whatsoever hearing what was said. More importantly, the content is well thought out and engaging, as I've come to expect from Mr. Koukl.

Audio is too quiet, lighting level is too dark. Greg the videographer is not doing an acceptable job. Please consider someone who has experience with lighting levels and audio recording.

Its too bad str has employed a videographer who's work engenders more posts about the suboptimal recording than the substance of Greg's commentary.

I agree again with something RonH has said. I often have trouble viewing these (Mac OSX).
I have to hit play, then pause, then go away for several minutes while the entire thing is buffered before I can hit play again. This often works, but not always.

Greg's third point and the Titanic is illustration are excellent.

I'm not happy to join the crowd and comment on the a/v quality but I have to agree. The content itself is important, interesting and well done by Greg. The a/v does not have to be pro but when it's bad enough that it distracts me from the message itself, then we have a problem. If they just implemented a decent mic that would go a long way.

The content of the video was usual. Thanks STR.

I agree the quality of the content is important. However, I have bad hearing due to my military service. I had the volume maxed and it was inconsistent. That made me miss certain points. Usually when I wanted to hear it the most. Please put on a mic. thanks Greg, I love your work.

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