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August 10, 2011


Aww.. The "details" link seems to be broken.

But Greg's article is good.

Mike, it's working for me right now. Try it again.

Did Christianity Borrow from Mystery Religions?

Did it borrow what?

Another insightful question from RonH, reading all the way through the title of the post, but no further, it would seem.
Did you get a response back from Pete Williams?


"Did it borrow what?"

Core beliefs.

Isn't it odd that RonH would pretend to be confused about the supposed connection between Christianity and mythology, when he was so insistent
in a previous post on placing the claim of Jesus' resurrection in the same category as these myths.

So RonH, why don't you tell us--what's the common thread between mythology and the historical accounts of Jesus' life, death, burial, and resurrection?

Did the moderators (Amy) notice the website on the previous post? It just copied and pasted the material anyways. Probably should be deleted.

Austin, I'm not the moderator anymore, but I took care of it anyway. Thanks!

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