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September 26, 2011


So, does that mean that Holy Writ might be found in sources other than the Bible?

Daughter, I'm curious - why do you think the post weighs in on this matter (extra-biblical sources) either way?

It's not just the reliability of the transmission of the Old Testament texts that make the Dead Sea Scrolls so significant but also that they give a fulller picture of the "theological air" that Jesus and John the Baptist breathed. I had the dubious honor of studying my Hebrew one-on-one with Dr Barabara Theiring. While I never bought her theory that John the Baptist was the Teacher of Righteousness and Jesus was the Wicked Priest, there exists a lot of interesting comparisons between early Christianity and the Dead Sea community - fascinating stuff.

My apologies I spelt her name wrong Dr Barbara Thiering - it was a long time ago.

The site reports 2600 textual variants between the Great Isaiah Scroll and the Masoretic Text (I'm assuming they are comparing it against Codex Aleppo). I would be interested to know the breakdown of these variants. How many are spelling differences, synonyms, etc. versus missing or interpolated verses. Anyone know?

Check out Greg's article on textual variation in STR's newsletter (2?) months ago? I think a google search will give you the spot. Statistically it should be the same.

Son of Adam, I recently re-read the O.T., King James version. LOVED it!!! It's amazing how every time I discover lessons and principles helpful in my life that I didn't see years ago...but I digress. I noticed that in both the O.T. and the N.T., references are made to records or writings of prophets not found in the current version of the Bible. So, my question was, is it possible Holy Writ is to be found in writings other than the Bible? Just throwing that out there.

New to the blog, very much enjoying. Thx.

Daughter - thanks for your comments! Can you share some example(s) of references to records or writings of prophets not found in the Bible?

There were 21 or 22 manuscripts of Isaiah found in Qumran. One, from about 125 BCE, is complete.

So there were lots of copies of Isaiah at that time. It makes sense that a book that common would be stable - at least while it is common. If you change a well known book people will notice!

Does that mean the book would also be stable 600 years before that - when there were no written copies? Or just one copy? Or just a few?


I think this is a great thing that the scrolls are available on so everyone can see them. I hope more people coming to Jesus because of this.

Because of what?

RonH, you're right-- just because Isaiah has has been passed down for about 2150 years with remarkable precision, essentially unchanged, rendering the game of telephone a completely inappropriate analogy, does not guarantee the first 600 years.

What it does provide however, is evidence that those responsible for transmitting the biblical texts to us took very seriously the job of accurate copying and preservation (and they were incredibly successful at that).

This will give us another adventure to stick with and with the dead sea scroll, this is like on The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6, they are looking for scroll and how to put it on MEGAVIDEO.

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