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October 23, 2011


I guess it only felt like the whole show was an ad for STR's upcoming cruise.

I am catching up via podcast. I was listening live yesterday and even called in. But I missed the portion with Alan Shlemon. His recounting of his roleplay as a Muslim in a Christian class (?) was not surprising to me. Not only are so many Christians ignorant about their own faith, but they know even less about Islam and Muslims.

The disturbing thing is that they do not *want* to know. I've had Christians tell me that it's not spiritually healthy to educate myself about another religion such as this, and that simply reciting the Word of God to them is enough.

There is a willful ignorance among so many Christians today. It's horrifying to me. Worse yet, they criticize those of us who do try to be well read in many different areas, in order to be more effective witnesses.

It's mind boggling to me.

The interview with Barkley Wright sure seemed awkward. It seemed to me that Greg wasn't buying what he was saying, but was holding back on digging into him.

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