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November 21, 2011


Video is not working for me.

ok it is working now.

The question presumes that God the Son would have to go begging to God the Father for info. As if God the Father, you know GOD God, naturally has all knowledge and doles it out to His junior partners: the Son and the Holy Spirit.

But that's all wrong.

All members of the Godhead have all knowledge. There are, in fact, not three omniscients, but One Omniscient. But there is some knowledge that the One God has only in virtue of being the Father. Some that He has only in virtue of being the Son, and some He has only in virtue of being the Spirit. And God does all His work as the Son only by means of both His human and divine natures. So the knowledge that God has in virtue of His being the Son is knowledge He has in virtue of being the Incarnate Word.

The incarnation, far from limiting God's knowledge, is necessary for God to have the knowledge He has. The incarnation completes God's knowledge.

Without the incarnation God would not know, for example, death and suffering and all the consequences of the Fall.

I have always thought it useful to think that His human nature knew/knows whatever any sinless human would know; which is probably a great deal more than any of us fallen humans.

Hi JohnT, you might be underestimating the fall's effect on man--Jesus never lost communion with the Father, a communion which comes with benefits. Fallen man cannot even trust his sense perceptions and is fooled all the time by what he believes is real, I dont think Jesus was ever fooled by what His eyes saw or ears heard.

Jesus is said to be the God Man, not the God+Man as though there is a distinct dual personality to correspond with both the divine and the human, He's One, with two natures not mixed or intermingled, but united in such an intimate way that His single Person has both aspects and will forever.

The sword in the fire analogy displays this relationship. In summary, it goes like this: A sword placed in a fire takes on heat, once out of the fire it can both cut and burn, the nature of the sharp steel cannot burn, and the nature of the fire cannot cut. When both natures are united, the sword can both cut and burn so long as they stay united even though the natures do not become intermingled or the distinction blurred. The sword corresponds to the person, the aspects of steel, and the aspects of fire correspond to human and divine nature.

Did Jesus learn anything? Did He learn obedience? Do we have to learn obedience just as He did or is obedience in a sense forced upon us?

Was Jesus' obedience by choice or not? If not, then what constitutes His merit?

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