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November 28, 2011


We like to act out the nativity in our family. We have 5 kids, so there's plenty of people to take parts. One of us reads the story in Luke, and the rest dress up and act the parts. It was especially enjoyable when our youngest was a baby boy and our oldest daughter played "Mary." Now, they all want to be the donkey. Goofy kids. :)

@ Daughter of Eve -

That sounds so fun!

We're looking for a decent advent calendar. Anyone know of any?

Observing Advent certainly helps, but your statement of the problem ("And the day itself (and eve) comes and goes ...") exposes a different issue: Christmas is not just a day. Christmas is a season that begins on Christmas day (well, the evening before ...) and runs the twelve days until Epiphany. Reducing it to the first day and omitting celebration of the rest of the season is as unwise, in my opinion, as neglecting Advent.

Christmas is the Roman Catholic 'christianization' of the pagan practices of the Feast of the Saturnalia', and has since incorporated many other pagan practices along the way. I don't celebrate christ-mass solely because I am a Christian.


What specific pagan ritual is practiced by Christians on Christmas day?

Only when we give are whole lives to god. And live in his truth. Then will the truth set use free from the lies of Christmas. I can see why so many do not want to give up Christmas, thier heart are not 100% sold out to the Lord.

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