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December 16, 2011


I agree with Melinda here in that Jesus extends a hand and calls to us "Come". He fully bridges the chasm of sinfulness for us in a way that the law failed to do. Yet, I am confused by Spurgeon's remark. If God and Christ were responsible for the Mosaic Law can it actually be characterized as a terror and a scourge? Or was it a gap measure waiting for the arrival of Christ?

While the Israelites constantly failed to adhere to, or measure up to, the Law, God, through the Law gave them many opportunities to "make the grade" and innumerable chances to retake the test... Coupled with the sacrificial system there was at least a process by which sinfulness was addressed.

I guess I find the idea of the Law being a whip to be maybe a bit of an overreach... instead I think the failure of the Law had to do with the people and nothing to do with God. I don't find it suprizing though that recidivistic law breakers might find the law terrifying...perhaps this is as it should be.

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