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December 20, 2011


As with Flew and Kevorkian, it's always nice to hear Koukl weigh in on the eternal fate of the souls of the recently departed. Merry Christmas, right?

What's your point, Malebranche? Was Koukl wrong to have done so?

You're a particularly spiteful individual, aren't you Malenbranche?

I guess I missed the part about the eternal fate of his soul. Putting words in people's mouths, are we?

What's much nicer is watching Malebranche salivate and rub his hands with glee when professed unbelievers die, hoping for and trying to goad some kind of statement on Hell.
What a piece of work you are, you heretic-hunter, you.

Hi Mal. Why get your knickers all knotted up? Is it so wrong that Christians actually care for Hitchens and pray that he finds his way to heaven? Even if its all a fantasy (as you no doubt believe) they are still honestly hoping the best for him. So, get an egg nog, celebrate with friends and family and wish everyone a Happy Holiday. But please don't be offend when I wish you a Merry Christmas and sincerely wish you and yours a happy New Year. Cheers.

Hi Mal.
Just wanted to acknowledge you were here, because I know that is what you want. So there it is.

Anyway, I do miss Chris. His wit and intellect kept many of ours sharp. He was a good and fun guy, though I never personally knew the man, one gets to the point where they feel they did. Especially with those writers who poured so much of themselves into their work. One may not have agreed with what they said, but it is always a pleasure to read such honest and straightforward, heartfelt opinions. Was he "one of us?" I don't know what that means. Did he believe as we did? Yes. Did he believe in what we did? No. But I love a man who sticks to his sides, if got to by honest measure. And Chris prided himself, and well he should have, on being forthright with himself and others. He would never countenance cowardice nor those who dodged the truth of what they saw. In himself or others.
We should be sure we do hold to the same.

What's the ancient proverb? A good friend is the first and greatest blessing from the gods, a worthy enemy the second.

You will be missed, Mr. Hitchens.

Merry Christmas all!

Wow, Malebranche. I hope you will find a way to apologize to Greg soon.

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