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December 12, 2011


Excellent - thank you!

Thanks for you video Greg. You make excellent points. We definitely want to still with what we know is the truth, the Word of God. Emotions and dreams can be very unreliable.

That was stick with what we know is the truth.

It bothers me that so many "so-called" Christian bookstores are selling this garbage. There is a huge difference between Don Piper and John Piper! And this child's book...sorry, I just can't go there!

I get so many questions about these types of books and such. I have one response: Bullmalarky

Thank you--I work in a Christian bookshop, and these books are flying off the shelves. Great to have a thoughtful perspective.

the problem is that i hear these stuff in pulpits...goodness...thnk greg God bless!!!!

Greg, I agree that we take these with a grain of salt. My father-in-law has been to heaven and he said much of what he saw and experience was indescribable, so naturally there will be inconsistencies, not mention how people can interpret the same events in different ways.


Since every salvation experience is so different for each person do we discredit it? I won't say every after life experience is real, but I believe the ones that are, are specific to that persons needs. God may have a future mission that this is used to strengthen and encourage the person who experienced it. I have experienced death after an attempted suicide. (age20) I went to the gates of hell. Later after my salvation (from this experience)I remained in an abusive marriage for 36 years. I never could have prayed for my husband and may have not excepted Christ without my understanding I did indeed deserve and had chosen hell. My husband excepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 60. I have led many to pray to receive Christ, because the ugency and passion I have from that experience has never left me.

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