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January 30, 2012


I discovered his work only a few years ago. I agree about his great contributions!

As a side note, I found it horrifying to learn what his son, Frank, has done to the memory of both his parents. What a disgrace. I'm sure they would be heartbroken if they could see and hear him now.

I my memory serves me right, [which may not be the case], I was at a STR event maybe 15 years ago and heard the phrase "upper story leap". Vintage Francis Shaeffer. Francis Beckwith was there and I think Craig Hawkins and a few others either at Calvary Babtist or maybe at Trinity Law School. Anyway, Francis Shaeffer influenced all those guys also, and by extension many others.

His "Escape From Reason" and "The God Who Is There" are the two books of his that I read right away. Interesting thing I saw in Escape From Reason, was that Schaeffer laid the philosophical separation of grace and nature at the feet of Aquinas which puts blame of relativisism at his feet also. R.C. Sproul, who knew Schaeffer while he was most active, and has a tremendous respect for Aquinas' work believes that Schaeffer misunderstood him. I think Francis Schaeffer began the modern movement by Christians to reunify faith and reason.

I remember as a pre-teen watching videos of him speaking. He was the second apologist I read after CS Lewis. Very influential for me when I was a christian. I am curious Mo, how is his son a horrifying disgrace? What did he do to the memory of his parents? ( I really don't know, and Wiki is being vauge)

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