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January 19, 2012


We really need to understand, that no matter how good the intentions, if we bring personal, subjective emotions/attitudes in to play, instead of reason, facts and well thought out arguments, we are ending in most cases with a disserving deed.
This is a perfect example.
Just look at the "mighty" atheist’s response to this on YouTube. He comes out far ahead in his response. Not because he is right, but because he was able to take the unreasonable and emotional parts to show the real flaws of the piece, which gave him the perfect platform for his secular agenda.
The Atheist did a better job than the "Jesus lover". The Atheist was still wrong and the "Jesus lover" still had good intentions and some good points. But any listener on the fence would have sympathized wit the atheist.
Facts, logic, reason are on our side. Let's not forget to use them.

@volker, do you have a link to the atheist response? I'd like to hear that.

I don't really get what the dude was complaining about... But it was a high quality video. I wonder what they used to shoot that...

[Warning] This clip contains harsh profanity. Be careful if you have kids in the room or are offended by such.


Here you go James.
I think this is what volker is talking about. Btw, I can't stand this guy most of the time. I only made it about 25% in before I switched it off. I think godless girl's response was more thoughtful and productive.

Here's a good response by DeYoung. Check out his link to the "follow up" to see how it turned out.


Oh, now that I finally can listen to Greg I hear that his is very good, and he reference Kevin DeYoung himself.
Sorry for the redundancy.

Thanks Josh
The reason I didn't provide a link in the first place was because of the offensive nature and profanity in his response.
And I agree, his response wasn't thoughtful or in any way productive. But it shows what an "ill equipped" message like "hate religion/love Jesus" can provoke.
The Atheist was "successful" in his goal of confrontation.
That's why it is so important what people like Greg do for our walk with the Lord. If we speak "in his name" (on his behalf), we need to be WELL equipped ambassadors and not only well intentioned ambassadors.

it's responding to a watch ad


Kevin De Young and other critics have good points but they are reading into this video way too much. Bethke acknowledges that he should have used a word other than "religion." Bethke was using religion as a synonym for self righteousness, and self justification. In the video and in interviews he has said that he loves the church and thinks its important for people to come together and have fellowship. In Europe and in the U.S., the rituals have become the focus and not Jesus. When Jesus is not the focus, rituals and things we're commanded to do are worthless. Jeff is trying to bring the focus back to Jesus.


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