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February 02, 2012


Rollins - actually, if prevented from acting on one's orientation, I suspect many would contemplate engaging otherwise. Look what happens when men go to prison. They adapt. ("Don't drop the soap!")

It's not impossible to act against one's orientation, it's uncomfortable. At first.

I'm not sure your argument passes muster. In the end, you're using rhetoric, not logic, so I'm not sure how much force it ultimately carries in this crowd.

I posted this comment on my facebook wall and received quite a backlash. It began with "My homosexual friends are nice, not sinners," and degenerated to "How can you believe a religion based inthe Bronze Age," to "this is the same text that tells brothers to impregnate their brother's widows." Its hard to argue with every ad hominum that gets thrown at you. I considered the design and teleological arguments.

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