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February 07, 2012


Washington will probably soon make gay marriage legal.

Note that this will be the legislature - not one of those nasty courts.

Nice resources. Thanks for posting.

What a ridiculous opinon. One more innane judgment brought to you by the 9th circus.

There are so many pressing issues on families today that need to be addressed in our communities: job security, drug and alcohol abuse, quality child marriage? Is it any wonder why most people don't really care about this issue?

TheMorton, they don't care because they don't understand how those issues are related to the institution of the family, nor do they know the unique parts both mothers and fathers play in raising children that will build a stable society. The family is at the root of everything, so any change there will have huge implications down the road.

Same-sex couples will continue to be able to raise children. Conservative evangelicals have lost that battle. So, given that same-sex couples will continue to raise children whether same-sex marriage is legalized or not, the question arises: would those children being raised by same-sex couples be significantly benefited if their parents were granted the rights and privileges of marriage? If so, would such benefits outweigh the negative consequences (if there are any) that can reasonably be expected from same-sex marriage? I'm not suggesting these are the only relevant questions, but it is strange how often Christians discuss the effects of same-sex marriage on children and how seldom they even raise much less responsibly engage these questions. It's easy to get the impression from much Christian commentary on this issue that the effects of same-sex marriage on children will be uniformly negative. But why think that is true? Perhaps it is true, but what reasons do we have to be confident that legalizing same-sex marriage will have such disastrous effects on children, the family, and society at large?

Why do proponents of same sex"marriage" argue as if Prop 8 forbids homosexuals from marrying ?
There is nothing in the law that says they cannot do like everyone else and marry a member of the opposite gender.

At a time when Christians are decrying the rate of divorce, does it make sense to reject a group of people who are actually embracing marriage?

I think the Christian position against same-sex marriage will look pretty short-sighted a few decades from now. It wasn't that long ago that 17 states declared mixed-race marriage illegal, and it wasn't the churches that forced the change. Ouch.


Way to non sequitur.

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