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March 19, 2012


This is an excellent and a very inspiring and encouraging video,and Greg is certainly correct in his assessment. It's not the confidence of God saying yes or no to our prayers,but it's the faith and confidence that when we pray that we believe God wholly to be the Sustainer and the Source of all provision of life. I like how John puts it in 1 John 5:14-15:

"This is the confidence we have in Him(God),that,if we ask anything according to His will,he HEARS: and if we know he HEARS us,WHATSOEVER WE ASK,WE KNOW THAT WE HAVE THE PETITIONS THAT WE DESIRE OF HIM."

"If it be possible, let "A" happen. Nevertheless...."

And, in Paul's case; "Three times I petitioned Him for "A" and then 'My Grace is enough' was the answer He gave me."

I think there is plenty of room in scripture for us to pray for, ask for, look for, "A", and, still, stand ready for whatever Response comes. "Yes" is a very scriptural answer to "expect", as is "No", as is "I'm enough for you in that matter", as is "Wait". (I often get "Wait")

Our job, we are told, is to do as Paul did and keep knocking. Love made Flesh in Gethsemane is also said to have gone back and prayed His prayer three times. Knock, knock, knock is the appropriate posture; until the answer comes.

We see all sorts of answers in scripture. The question is should we "expect" a 'Yes'? Perhaps we should, at least in part; "Whatever you pray for, believing, will be done….." This can't be ignored. It's there. Loud and clear. But it cannot be the entire framework. We can't have a one-verse theology. We have to allow scripture to draw its own lines in the sand, and there are other scriptures, which, on the surface, contradict this, or seem to, but in reality they only open up windows which allow us to look out through other walls of the same House. "No". "I'm enough for you". "Wait". "Yes". To say "This verse says "No" therefore anyone who uses another verse to contradict this is being unscriptural" is what it means to have a one-verse theology. Verses like these do not contradict, rather, they widen the field of vision and allow us to see "more parts" of the same House, the Singular Reality that is God's Kingdom. We have to trust God's word to not contradict itself and so wholly embrace a scripture that clearly says "It's all about A" and [ALSO] allow our theology to wholly embrace another scripture which clearly says, "It's all about B". The solution is to avoid our tendency to move into any statement that says "Well, for the most part, it's A" or "Well, for the most part, it's B". We must instead do the hard work of forcing ourselves to, with every statement, push out the words, "Well, for the most part, it's A [AND] B" even though A and B seem to move in opposite directions. What some call contradictions are really a widening of our vision by His Word. The further I get in my walk with Him, I think the less confident I grow in my own ability to see all the important pieces. I find myself asking, and then ending with many forms of "I don't know" and simply leaving the door wide open for whatever He wants to do.

Is it a lack of faith to pray and not "expect a yes"? No; it is not. An interior expectation that is in the form of, "Anything but a Yes cannot be God" is clearly UN-scriptural given the examples of Christ and of Paul and of Scripture. Is it "Yes" we see in scripture? The answer is, "It is Yes [AND] it is No [AND] it is 'I AM enough for you' [AND] it is Wait." God's Will comes in many forms and scripture makes some seemingly contradicting statements (Yes, No) but really these allow us to draw a more inclusive perspective of The-Real. I think it is worth repeating:

An interior expectation that is in the form of, "Anything but a Yes cannot be God" is clearly UN-scriptural given the examples of Christ and of Paul and of Scripture.

What we [MUST] have in our interior is a simple sense of [God Is] and [God will, in some form, reward those who seek Him]. "God is and He rewards those who diligently seek Him" is given as a sort of "baseline" to launch off of (but of course there is more after that launch is taken). [An] answer will come. [Which] answer is not what defines [Faith]. [An] answer, expected, is Faith. If we struggle with [God Is] or [God hears] or [God answers] then this is a different question than [WHICH] answer and deserves a different discussion. Scripture will not allow us to pin down God to [WHICH] answer, but, it does allow us to pin God down to [AN] answer. The God that Is-Love knows us, hears us, gets us, invented us. He numbers the hairs on our heads. And, He tells us to ask Him. It’s okay to ask.

What then of Silence? Well, He tells us where to go there too: Knock, and keep on knocking. Sometimes the answer is [WAIT]. Or, if Silence, then, we do have His written Word, and [AN] answer found there is [Knock, and keep on knocking]. If I knock and there is "no answer" what am I to do with that?

Knock again. And again. (Those seasons can be long seasons).

We can trust His Word.

S.C., I refer you back to what I said about you posting here back in January. If you wish to discuss it with me, you can email (my first name

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