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March 05, 2012


Spending a lot of time with non-Christians has given me a whole new perspective on how Christian rhetoric comes across to them. The message many non-Christians hear is, "I'm're not." Or, "No matter how good your actions are, what you think is more important." Not a good message, especially if the main Christian examples in their lives are of those who think all the "right" things but do the complete opposite (which is most of us).

I am not a fan of Amway-style evangelicalism, or building relationships simply to make a sale. It has never felt genuine to me, nor do I believe myself when I feel like I am "sharing the gospel." Forced is what it feels.

"Preach the gospel at all times. Speak if necessary," or something like that.


That's a good quote at the end. I sometimes like to contrast the Christian witness of NFL players like Aaron Rodgers with that of a Tim Tebow. Don't get me wrong, I like Tim. But when I found out that Aaron was Christian, after hearing about his leadership, his strong character, his generosity and compassion (away from the cameras, for the large majority), it wasn't surprising at all. He almost never talks about his religion, though; he always chooses to demonstrate it instead. And he cited that exact quote from St. Francis of Assisi when asked why he didn't do more to 'spread the Gospel', or kneel at the sidelines.

Thanks, Bennett. My sentiments exactly.

Stan Freberg is another one. Stan recorded many albums ("Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America"), did voice-over work ("Cecil" of "Time for Beany" is probably his most famous), and wrote dozens and dozens of radio and TV commercials in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. His body of work is tremendous. He is the son of a preacher, and has kept his strong moral backbone with him through his work. A friend of mine interviewed him on the radio back in 1985, and Freberg lamented the state of Christian television at the time (specifically channel 40 in Los Angeles, largely irrelevant now) as being "Christians talking to other Christians," and how little effective media outreach Christians had done simply because they were afraid to speak the world's language.

He also stated, in response to a caller who asked rather boorishly, "Where is the witness?" that his witness came in the form of the offers he turned down - offers that included swearing, and doing shows in Las Vegas - as well as the integrity of his work.

He stayed true to his ideals. He is one of my heroes.

By the way, it seems that that quote may have been wrongly attributed to St. Francis (who did, mind you actually "preach the gospel" and it doesn't seem that he used sign language). Here's a possible route to explore this:

Perry, what you said resonated with me. I, too, feel disingenuous just making friends to "make the sale". I choose the "be a real friend" method. Some of my friends really do not want to hear what I might want to share with them, so I consider the time hasn't come yet for me to share with them. Other friends have ASKED flat out.

Perry, I love Stan Freberg! His United States of America is a classic. I had no idea about his background.

Amy, Freberg's work is astonishing in its intelligence and quality. I recommend his autobiography, It Only Hurts When I Laugh.

Thanks for the tip! I'll read it!

I remember being around christians who proclaimed Jesus but didn't act like it. That turned me off, to say the least. But, I am sure there were alot of christians who did some really nice things for me because they REALLY REALLY loved Jesus but they never told me that was why they did these nice things for me. Now, if they had have told me so, I might have had a much different view of what real christianity was about......but they just never told me WHY! My point,if you truly love Jesus, it's not's giving glory. I hear christians at my church shouldn't boost. It drives me crazy because I know what is really in their hearts. They really are doing it to boost. When I tell people "it's because I love God", it truly is why I do it. My heart truly burns for Jesus to the point that it hurts. So, when I get a compliment.....I give the compliment back to God thru that person.

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