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March 12, 2012


This is not related to the issue at hand, but more to the way your videos are filmed...

I would respectfully ask that you all find a different mic to use when recording these videos. The sound in all these videos is "clipped." In other words, it's as if the mic is raising and lowering the volume at different points, and it is very disturbing to the ear. It almost hurts. Just want to point this out, in case it's possible to improve the audio. Thanks! :)

I agree with John about the audio. I assumed that it was a problem with my computer.

Hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but I'd add to find another video format. It isn't showing up on my iPad (so, I'd guess any iOS device)... maybe it's Flash? I thought I've watched previous ones, so maybe it is just this one. But anyway, another format would be much better.

That said (now that I've watched it on my desktop computer), this video gives great advice. This form of 'steamroller' happens ALL THE TIME on the Internet. In fact, if you participate in the more main-stream sites like response to items on news websites, or Facebook, YouTube, etc. it is the norm from skeptics. Unfortunately, when you do try to get them to take things one topic at a time, they often either disappear or you get another list.


I agree with you, and I've had the experience. Sometimes I reconsider my willingness to engage in internet-based debates. Once upon a time, I practiced the Prime Directive: non-interference in the development of primitive life-forms. There's something about the internet that makes us all ungracious, at times.

Please fix the type in the third word from "gracious" to "graciously"!!

Make that the fourth word!

With regard to the audio, the clipping seems due to poor dynamic compression settings. I don't know if they are built into the mic on the camera or applied later. I can't see any sound engineer being happy with the final result, so I suspect it's just a self-limiting mic.

With regard to the actual topic at hand, I've had online steamrollers nearly ignore my answers and repeat contentions I've already answered. Sometimes after answering them and having them continue to misrepresent you, you have little choice but to walk away and leave them with their lies... unless you are the moderator - in which case you can ban them.

Sorry about the audio, guys. The good news is that we did just get a new camera a few days ago in an effort to improve the audio, so in a few weeks, the videos made with that new camera will start posting.

Hi Greg, while I think the term steamroller works very well for those type of persons whose only agenda is to be the spoiler of your facebook page or group, the term I see all over the place on facebook for that same type of person is a "Troll" .... Trolls aren't there to contribute or have discussions just dictate their beliefs or ideas with out actively contributing to the "discussion". IN other words A facebook Troll is one who is on your page, or group to do nothing but cause havoc, they have no intent in meaningful dialogue, just there to basically tell everyone else that they are idiots... Now having said that I must confess to being a Troll on certain pages especially the liberal ones because when the topic is Republicans are idots and you can't have discussion with them... Then I'm already at a disadvantage, and you then you find out what they are discussing I.E. something like if you don't believe in abortion you want all that have ever had sex to die or some other ludicrous statement! So then how can I not be a Troll in that group? To have a meaningful discussion with them can't mean that you simply wish to agree to disagree? No while you don't call them idiots , you have to educate them and then leave the post as long as it needs to be, then just not respond to the name calling ... thank You for your show :)

@ Bennett -
Just always keep in mind that the target audience might be the folks watching the discussion from the sidelines, not the actual person you are trying to engage in dialog with.


"non-interference in the development of primitive life-forms"



The problem I have on certain atheist web sites is not one ‘steamroller,’ but several at one time. I guess I ask for it by going back to the sites. But I have them on my Google Reader, and I have a hard time letting them get away with some of the things they say.

Two questions: is there a way to deal with multiple steamrollers? And, is going onto these sites an indication of immaturity on my part?

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