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March 13, 2012


As a Caucasian married to an African American I find a great disgust with Atheism’s inherent open door to the devaluing of all life whatsoever.

When Christ comes into the world, when Love is made Flesh, He comes telling us to value the unvalued. He tells us women, even prostitutes, matter. He enrolls them and tells them to tell others about Him. He tells us children have value. He tells us cripples have worth. He tells us to value even our prisoners, and treat them kindly. And they kill Him for this insult against the Norm. Love truly is a Freak to the world that has chosen Self over Other. For the world in which the Self who Survives is King, He who tells us that the Self who Dies is King is an oxymoron. Paul comes and tells the owner of a slave to count this slave of his, from now on, as a Brother In Christ, and to treat him as He would Christ. Paul tells husbands to honor women, he tells slave owners to do the unthinkable, place your slave above your Self. He tells us to value our children and not abuse them. And Paul is assassinated, like Christ was, for his offensive views. MLK comes and he mirrors Christ, and values all men, and insists all men have intrinsic worth. And he is, like Christ, like Paul, assassinated for it. “All men are equal” are killing words in first century Palestine, and in twentieth century America.

There is a scene from our history in which a white male informed a black male that he was just purchased and would from now on be his property. He then beat his wife to death in front of him just to be sure "he knew who was boss".

Was a Real Wrong committed? I must tell our African American colleagues that, perhaps, Dr. King was, according to some of us, entirely mistaken. According to that “some” of us, the “Norm” is entirely defined by “we” rather than by Other/Outer and therefore there is no Ought which transcends “us”. Atheism’s inherent open door to, not merely inequality, but, right alongside such things, violence.

The notion of disavowing the inherent worth of a Person as is found in the institution of Slavery or Discrimination is “intrinsically wrong” according to MLK. In the above example, the "Worth" of the life of the wife, was, in that version of reality, wholly a matter of the Fist and the Flux of photons within homosapien's brainstem as he chose to disavow the Worth of that Life. Is there a Real Wrong here? Is there a Worth in the Person in front of us which "is" even if we choose to disavow it? Either Nietzsche or Martin Luther King Jr. was more coherent with Reality in their descriptions of such. Martin Luther King Jr. described the "wrongness" of it to be a Truth even though we chose to call it Right as he commented on a Reality larger than us, what he called "The eternal Oughtness which forever confronts us." Can I embrace that as coherent with Reality as I look into the eyes of another human being? Or, is the Truth about Equality found in Nietzsche's direction as he comments, "Equality is a herd mentality developed by the weaker in their attempt to foist their will upon the stronger." Can I embrace that as coherent with Reality as I look into the eyes of another human being? Is the worth of our loved ones, of you and I, of all people, merely that which we choose to self-invent in sheer wish-fulfillment or is there something valuable in another life even if I choose to disavow such a worth?

When Love is made Flesh, He over-values the un-valued, and it costs Him His Life.

Beautiful John/T.
I don't know if atheists truly believe relativism is social or they try so hard to deny it. It's so logical I would think it's almost like trying to jump over a building. I just don't get it.

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