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March 14, 2012


I like when someone's perspective allows me to envision the actual time and events of the early church.
Thanks you for this resource.

I am reminded to pray for STR.

I read the book in 2010. Highly recommend it. 5 Stars!

If any of you have ever hear Tim McGrew talk about how the bible proves it's within the bible (of course outside sources too). For example, when Jesus asks Phillip where to get food to feed the 5000...why ask him? If you to another gospel (I can't remember exactly right now) but the bible says that Phillip was from that town. There are hundreds more examples in the entire bible that proves itself. It's absolutely fasinating.

That Philip/Bethsaida point is on this post:

Which reminds me, here is the Peter Williams lecture that I love to link.

The Philip/Bethsaida point is made at about 45 minutes in the Pete Williams video.

Love that lecture.


I've came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot easier.

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