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March 17, 2012


In the 20th century people didn't usually land on the moon therefore nobody really landed on the moon. In the ancient world people didn't normally build pyramids therefore what you see in Egypt is a hallucination
Babyboomer history writing is awesome. You have a whole generation guilt ridden about accomplishing nothing of significance besides wishing they were at woodstock so they have to denegrate everyone that came before them.
P.S. Why do you need evidence when you have "feelings"?

So this cynical slave trader-tax collector started a spiritual movement that converted Ireland and resulted in their sending missionaries to convert the Scots and Picts, help with reaching the Anglo-Saxons and Germans and stir up the languishing Christianity on the continent. Or are we to reinterpret these events too, and precisely how. This sounds like God drowning the Egyptians in four inches of water.

Christian apologists often write poorly-written, badly reasoned articles that I disagree with. This is presumably one of those, so I don't need to read it, since I already know it is false. Anyone who disagrees with my methods is a fundamentalist who has a nefarious agenda and cannot be trusted.

No, I am not a professional historian, but I like to think CNN is as good a source as a bunch of eggheads I've never heard of.

...there is a little book called "A Rulebook for Arguments", that is recommended to everyone who wants to use reasons and evidence in support of conclusions (it's also recommended by this website ;-)...). Two things that are completely missing in your comment.
On page 73 you can find a short list of common fallacies and/or misleading types of arguments. You will find things like ad hominem, ad ignorantiam, ad populum ...and other forms of tempting but false and illogical styles of argumentation. So I can only recommend to you to make yourself familiar with the basics of a logical argument, before you write comments to people who live and breath "reason". ...you are only waisting your time and everybody elses time if you bring nothing but polemic.... so study a little, learn the basics ...and please try again...

Thomas, in all seriousness, I have to ask, that was satire right? If so, I loved it. Thanks.

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