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April 21, 2012


If he's in heaven now, where will he be after the final resurrection and judgment? He is not in heaven, but is with God.

Colson's testimony on video.

My favorite Colson quote to date:

“Christians should never have a political party. It is a huge mistake to become married to an ideology, because the greatest enemy of the gospel is ideology. Ideology is a man-made format of how the world ought to work, and Christians instead believed in the revealing truth Scripture.”
― Charles Colson

@ Daron -

Thank you for the link. I don't think I've ever heard his full story. I look forward to doing so when I have more time.


Thanks for posting that. I couldn't agree more. Who could possibly be better versed on how the world aught to work than God and the sooner we all realize that the only ideology worthy of latching on to, for a Christian, is the one outlined in God's word. Chuck had it right. He did pretty good...for a salesman.

Chuck did so much good for prisoners. It is a great testimony to the power of Christianity that it so transformed him from what he was during Watergate to what he became. Yea, I hope he got a cigar when he got to heaven!

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