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May 16, 2012


Homosexuality is sin. Perversion. I do not condone the same sex marriages, and calling it a union isn't much different. It basically says that two people are in agreement in willfully and publically sinning against a holy and just God. It compounds the sin of homosexuality with the sin of pride. Anyone who supports the unions will have to answer to God for their actions, as Romans teaches us that there is no excuse for committing the sin and supporting the sin is sin as well. We are to pray for them. Show them where they have fallen short of God's law and warn then of the wrath to come. We should give them the law (Gal 3:24) and grace (John 14:6). We must do so in a way that makes them understand the immediate need for Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. Confronting sinners in this manner is indeed loving them, and letting them go on sinning is not loving them. Everyone is given a conscience, so it is highly unlikely that the elect would continually live in sin, apostate from God, if presented the gospel correctly. Simply ask them if they are completely confident in their eternal security based upon their current relationship with God. If they were to die right then, why would God let them into heaven? Any answer with the word "I", gives me reason to believe the person is relying on their works rather than trusting Christ. Wrong answer. Therefore, likely not eternally secure. Time for repentance and faith and an immediate cry out to God for salvation.
Also, please remember to be graceful when giving the gospel. Homosexuality is not our abomination, but God's.
From the narrow path,

All this is great, but it doesn’t hold water for the people anymore. If you quote the Bible, they’ll just quote an Old Testament passage to minimalize your argument. Of course they didn’t look the passage(s) up themselves. As long as the media lies and celebrities promote it, you can’t win it. The media does a great job carefully asking the right folks to come in and do interviews. Even Piers Morgan asked Joel Olsteen when the church was going to catch up to the times. Biblical ignorance is jaw dropping as well. I’ve read many a post on CNN and ABC in which the posters were saying Christ was gay because he loved John, and how Ruth and Naomi was an item….. Really? Seriously Really? If these folks are that dumb then how can you ever possibly get the truth to them?

Fortunately, the battle is not ours to "win"! It is God who draws us to Himself, and our job is to be faithful in being accurate with His Word and leave the results to Him. Whenever I read about how dismal the future looks with things like this being tossed around and the wholesale forfeiture of God's Word, I am reminded that Scripture tells us that this world will become progressively more evil, corrupt and perverse. Seeing it played out before our eyes is frightening, indeed, but we have been warned! Let's daily commit to being people who stand unwaveringly before our God, never taking our eyes off of Him.

@Brian... Yep. Case and point. Oh brother... sigh.

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