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May 31, 2012


I remember Hitchens saying the same thing at a panel debate as well. I thought the same thing you are saying now. Personally living with hate seems much more unhealthy than living with love. Hitchens makes a good point that it is an impossible requirement but Doug Wilson makes a better point which is pretty much paraphrasing what Jesus says, "All things are possible with God." I also love the way that Hitchens and his contemporaries will blast God for supposed genocide when he is clearly advocating a genocide of the Muslim people. Amazing how many supporters of guys like Hitchens convienently overlook these things. Thanks for the great post.

One of the great things about Truth is that it's consistent.

There is no love without justice and there is no justice without love. The presence of sin in the world distorts our perception by establishing conflicting practical application by virtue of the same moral imperatives and we thereby must wrestle with such pseudo-dichotomies.

When God punishes evildoers is he being just? Is love the motivation?

Why is a human bing sked to love ememes wrong, and God not ignoring the fact that he has enemies evil?

Is that not a double standard?

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