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May 07, 2012


#1) (gross images) That's an emotional appeal, not an argument.

#2) ("What is it?") A fetus is in a category by itself. Alive? Yes. Human? Yes. The same as the much-trotted-out toddler. No.

Hi RonH,
1) So?
2) So?

Do you have a point?

I recall Wilberforce's appeal to emotions as well:
"" I verily believe therefore, if the wretchedness of any one of the many hundred Negroes stowed in each ship could be brought before their view, and remain within the sight of the African Merchant, that there is no one among them whose heart would bear it. Let any one imagine to himself 6 or 700 of these wretches chained two and two, surrounded with every object that is nauseous and disgusting, diseased, and struggling under every kind of wretchedness! How can we bear to think of such a scene as this?"""

Emotions are not propositions, but sometimes they communicate truth.

I worked in sales for many years and it is common knowledge in that field, that all purchases of unnecessary items occur on an emotional level.

RonH, You're in a category by yourself as well. So as Daron asks, what work does this do for you? I don't think it moves the discussion forward.

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