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May 29, 2012


He had no good reason to start. I ask atheists this all the time. Why are you wasting your precious few seconds doing this?

Praying for you and STR, Amy.

I was an atheist for approx. 22 years, then I noticed a mistake in the Skeptics Annotated Bible, began questioning and seeking answers, and discovered the magnitude of my doubt was at its smallest when examining the worldview of Christianity.

And I joined the faith and have been the happiest in my life ever since...even when I have my down days.

Thanks for this encouragement to not give in to discouragement and keep pressing on.

He had no good reason to start.

True. It took him some time to realize that, I guess.

I think a lot of us Christians are tempted to look at someone like John Loftus and say, "Well, that's your choice and you'll end up burning in hell for it". Basically, we're apt to just give up as well and leave him to it.

Well, thank goodness it's not up to us! Imagine if God had given up on the Apostle Paul. He was doing far worse than debating against believers via an online blog. He was literally murdering them! And God miraculously converted Paul and turned him into the greatest missionary the world has ever known.

So, we might be tempted to just give John Loftus over to his unbelief under the false pretense that he's made his choice and he'll have to live with it. But those Christians that might be in his life have to keep praying for him, ministering to him, demonstrating Christ to him. Because John Loftus' "choice" to reject or accept Christ isn't up to us, it isn't even up to John Loftus. It's up to God.

I agree that it's up to God.


I was skeptical. So I scrolled to the bottom of John's post and clicked "Load more comments".

Then, I clicked again and again until there were no more comments to load.

Then, I searched for 'thank' and read all the words of thanks to John for all he's done.

continually rejected

Clearly not the case for John.

Come on, Ron. I was speaking of the Christians who "are deluded, all of them," for whom "nothing is good enough" that he writes. The people he's spending his time trying to reach who reject him. Those are the people he says he's not willing to suffer thanklessly for.

But regardless, you just make my point. He doesn't continue, though there are atheists who thank him, and though obviously he persuades people from time to time. So how will people continue when no one thanks them? There has to be a foundation for that sort of sacrificial madness.

It would be useful to learn what precisely it was, that 'mistake in the Skeptics Annotated Bible', referred to by Rolf Anderson in the second comment yesterday.

When were you speaking of the Christians who "are deluded, all of them," for whom "nothing is good enough" that he writes?


I would venture to say that God brought that flaw to your attention. God Bless you brother.

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