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May 22, 2012


How else can you create a synthetic religion like in Brave New World?

All hail his Fordship.

"Should Science Study Religion?"

They would rather laugh at it.

A better question would be should theists study science. If they did they might be able to cure their theism disease.

Looks like a Dawkinsian groupie decided to think freely and do what they are told.

I do hope this Human Ape poster is banned soon. I cannot stand trolls like this. They have no interest in conversation with anyone, they just come to mock. I doubt this person has read anything on STR.

I think that it is clear from the linked article that scientists think that religion has nothing to do with reason. No doubt that their exposure to those who are emotionally motivated within religious movements might have led them to that conclusion along with a lack of exposure to those who take a more reasonable approach to their theism. I think that this is largely due to the media latching on to the "it leads if it bleeds" mentality of reporting on matters of religion. Those in the media understand that emotion moves people to consume their content and thus bring in advertising dollar. It is the supply and demand that drives out most fair treatment of theology and consequently scientists, along with the rest of us, are treated to a McDonald's junk theological meal instead of a healthy diet of the truth about religion. It is no wonder then that they conclude, on the basis of their happy meal, that reason is not a natural part of a healthy theological diet.


It would be nice if everyone had at least a bit of an open mind, wouldn't it? But that's just my utopian dream. Mia Culpa.

Christians should use reason as a tool and not be led to believe that reason itself is a god.

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