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June 19, 2012


You who support the creation of laws to uphold gender diversity for the sake of businesses, would it be a similar disappointment and setback for families if the laws upholding diversity in marriage were removed?

I think that's the whole point isn't it? The folks that are pushing this kind of insanity aren't actually motivated by what they claim (fairness, equality, etc...). They're motivated by their desire to force their agenda on everyone, regardless of personal belief or good sense (or Biblical truth), and oh by the way, they'll also be the ones in charge of enforcing that agenda. Funny how that works...

The thing that’s important to remember here is that most of the time, those calling for more gender diversity on boards could care less about increasing a company’s profits or creating innovation. The same can be said of those advocating same sex marriage as it relates to children. It’s not about children necessarily (we’re told as much) just as it’s not about company profits. It’s about the perception of equality. All male boardrooms are perceived as excluding others based gender. Male/female only marriages are seen as excluding others based on gender. This is the common ground.

I believe this post exposes the fallacious reasons used to advance these causes, but they’re not the real reason these causes are advanced.

Another good observation Amy. When the Godless secular philosophy of man (and woman) is examined for what it really is, no end of logical fallacy, double standards and hypocricy come out of the woodwork. KWM and b are correct in saying that the fallacious reasons given to advance these agendas and not the reason these agendas are being adavanced. Satans agendas are built on shifting sand, logical fallacies and psycho babble, pretty embarassing really. Their so called tolerance brooks no intolerance and their so called diversity means all races and both genders believe in their agenda.
Welcome to secular religion.

How can an increase in control be also an increase in freedom?

Heck, why stop there? Obviously we need to mandate ethnic diversity in marriages too.

Is there any possible way you could get attached to one of the teams defending DOMA and/or Prop 8 in court? Gay folk everywhere would owe you huge.

I used to work for a company that was owned and operated by two women. It was sad to see how these women were being victimized by men and how their company was mismanaged by these at middle management level. What was sadder was that they bought all the lies they were being fed simply because the men were...well...good looking and were fast talking salesmen. The very worst offender was in fact a professing Christian whose church was influenced by new-age thinking. It was a church with the Armenian position on salvation, whose members actively discouraged any learning about apologetic. I can think of no other way to describe the situation than the blind leading the blind and actively refusing corneal implants to restore the vision. The only thing that the two women owners brought to business was an opportunity to be taken advantage of by men and loving it. DISGUSTINGLY PATHETIC!

2 observations:

These people claim that 1 in 10 Fortune 500 companies have no women on the board of directors. So, let me get this straight. They're upset that "only" 90% of the world's most successful companies actually have women in executive positions? I'd say a 90% inclusion rate is pretty stellar...

Also, the United States Air Force is going through this type of ridiculousness right now. For those who want a good scare on the direction that our military is going, do a search for something called the "diversity initiative" or "diversity program" in the USAF. This started being emphasized as a hot topic to Air Force members about a year or so ago, just before I got out. Just another example of liberal ideology hijacking something and twisting it to their own purposes of social experimentation.

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