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June 12, 2012



Thank you. This post is very interesting. I have a very hard time imagining God using ‘evil’ for good. I just don’t know what that means. If God is all powerful and He uses ‘evil’ to do good in a true sense, how can we call that type of evil evil? If this is the case, shouldn’t we welcome evil? Of course, that begs question: Couldn’t God produce these ‘intended outcomes’ without the evil? Maybe this is just a word usage thing.

We ask to be “delivered from evil” – there is just so much of it. Would it be more accurate just to say God redeems evil and delivers us from it? He overpowers it? He creates the life changing ‘silver linings’? He brings good out of evil? You do say these things, I realize.

Is it necessary, or accurate, to believe that good is stronger than evil on this earth? What sort of benchmark do we have to compare this fallen world to? I see lots of evil, and much of the good isn’t good enough. I have no reason to think that good is stronger than evil on this earth and this is from someone who is blessed beyond measure.

I’m with you on trusting God. Suffering and evil if nothing else demand that we take a breath and acknowledge the sovereignty of God. That we acknowledge our fallen and broken nature. That we acknowledge we need Him. That we glorify Him and submit to Him under such circumstances.

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