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July 22, 2012


Today's show on the Insider's Group, I think they are called, was really hard to listen to, as it seemed to give a certain credence to whatever this group is doing. I go to a Bible based church, and listen a great deal to Dr. J. Vernon McGee, so you know from where I am coming from as a Christian.

I know from listening fairly regularly to your show, it is very philosophically based and I don't have a problem with that even though it seems to in the long run occasionally dim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, was just too much to take as all that was said about this Insider's group only led me to the old statement, The Road to Hell is Paved with good intentions.

The content of today's show, was just disturbing to me in listening to what is going on in Bangaladesh, and the tactics being used for Christian conversion and this obvious blending of the Islamic Religion, and you know who will win out on that one!

I know we as believers need to know the facts, but hearing this was just unrighteous to me, and as long as it went on, it just became more unrighteous.

Dr. McGee often says he once was into apologetics and gave it up and he came to realize what we need to do is just preach the Gospel of Jesus as outlined in the Bible. I know we need to know what is happening in the World, but giving it as much air time as was done today, just was a bit much for me to bear.

Forgive me in saying this if it offends you with Stand to Reason, but that is just how it hit me with today's show for a discussion of such material and especially on The Lord's Day.

Richard McLeod, Riverside, California

Richard, it was a repeat yesterday, but I think you're referring to the episode on the Insider Movement that originally aired on June 24, correct? The content was supposed to be disturbing because it is disturbing. It's a disturbing topic. Unfortunately, not many people know what's going on, which is why we need to bring it to people's attention. The hope is that the more aware Christians are of this problem, the more likely we are to hold these groups accountable and to do something to better the situation. It's the gospel that's at stake here.

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