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July 22, 2012



What would you say the probability that Christianity is true and why? I'm asking about your personal confidence. Obviously you can refuse to answer if you like.



"Louis, I don't think the problem with these guys is thin skin. I think the problem is that they have contempt for apologetics, apologists, and evangelical Christians, so they'll take any opportunity to insult and impugn their motives."

I don't think it has to be an "either or" issue. I think we can find examples of each. Some driven by hostility and some that are genuinely offended. It can be hard to know which in some cases.

It's not just that just "a video" Ron, i don't know if you you went to link i posted or not which tells much more.This is only one of many examples that connects this to satanic mind control via symbology and ritual to forward the antichirst agenda from a one world religion to gun control. It's an agenda , wake up children of God. The world (and sadly most christians too) are just blind to see the satanic deception that is full in their face, from the pop industry, movies, secular religion and philosophy, monuments and worldly rituals. The world will just call it all crazy "conspiricy therory". Why do christains have such a hard time getting the fact that this world is evil, deceptions are rife enough to to even fool the elect and satan is the prince of it via his vessels that control it. Perhaps so many of you are so comfortable with your lives in the world and that you live a nice here in this evil world and then go Heaven that you ignore reality.
I find the lack of discernment on here to plainly shocking. You are so fearful of offending that you can longer tell the truth from the lies of the world. Just look at your dollar bill, they put it right in your faces and still you refuse to see the truth.

Fair enough Amy.

And I think you are doing a fine job. So please don't take my prior remark as calling that into question.

It turns out that I was wrong about why you shut down the comments. I still wish you hadn't had to do so, but by now I suppose you're a pretty good judge of when things are shaping up into a horrid snipe-fest, and I certainly don't intend to second guess you on that.

Andrew wrote:

"The only way we anyone can be saved is by the our Lord and Saviour. Who can not say those murdered by this evil have not been saved some suffering or tribulation in this evil world?"

What do you mean by this?


I agree with you on that. Some people can't let a perceived opportunity pass.

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