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July 20, 2012


There is an important non-sequitur in Greg's post. An event's being out of God's control does NOT imply that God lacks the ability to control it. There might be excellent reasons for a supremely benevolent and supremely powerful being to permit a time and a place over which he does not exercise control. That movie theater last night may well have been such a time and such a place. God willfully abdicated control over a certain range of actions to the gunman and is heartbroken over the way that man decided to utilize the control he had been given by God. God was not in control. How could a Christian give any other sort of response to what happened last night?

These sorts of posts amidst these kinds of tragedies are in very bad taste. How much more insensitive can a person be than to announce, while we mourn the murder of a dozen of our compatriots, "In case any of you are wondering where God was, I know the answer and am even willing to let you in on it"? There are too few horrors that pass without some religious polemicist interrupting the dejected silence with some uninvited verdict about what God has to do with it all. Can the appetite for being the answer man on uncertain religious questions not be restrained even long enough for the funerals to commence?

God is always in control. That's it.

Malebranche, nothing on this blog is coming to you uninvited. You're here because you choose to be here. People who come here wanting to hear a response from Greg, looking for answers, will have it waiting. People who don't want to hear can come back if and when they do.

In the meantime, what is uninvited is rudeness. If you don't want to hear from Greg, don't read it. But don't assume that nobody is looking for answers just because you aren't. You're not the only person who reads this blog.

And it ought to be noted that, based on past comments of yours, it doesn't matter to you when we discuss the problem of evil. You think every time is a poor time to have thoughts about it. So please have a little respect for people who want to deal with this by thinking through it.

Amy, I have to agree with Malenbranche on this one. It hasn’t been 24 hours since the occurrence of this awful event, and STR is already attempting to capitalize off of this incident as a way to score apologist points. Now is not the time to discuss the problem of evil and how it easy it is for the Christian to respond to it. Doing so minimizes the tragedy of this event and the suffering of those involved. Moreover, such flippancy is not only indecent, it is un-Biblical. Lest we be like Job’s friends—and even they at least waited seven days before they spoke—I think it would behoove us to close our mouths and be silent. Now is the time for prayer and generous giving to the victims and their families, not building up preemptive defenses against those who rightly wonder where God is at in this terrible affair.

Thank you for posting this, Amy, and for your tireless work. I prayed for you and STR this morning, and will again.

I would also suggest you think of removing some commenters from the role.

Not in scoring position? More like defense.

Anyway, whether one theology or another can be adapted to events like this doesn't matter.

It might help to track weapons. It might help if we had a better understanding of the people who do these things (and those who don't). Etc.

You know, real world approaches to the real world.


I agree with Amy and Daron. Gregs arguments are the healing balm needed at this time.

Yes Joe, you, Amy, and Daron are right. Now is not the time to yield to the faithless Lamentations of the mournful. Now is the time for apologetics.

I'm going to shut down comments here just because we didn't intend to start a debate on either the topic or whether or not it should have been posted. The intent was merely to offer something to people who are hurting.

Needless to say, some people will approve and be helped and some won't, and there's not much more to say about that. As for the ideas, there will be other times we can debate those. So I'll just let this post stand as it is.

I pray everyone will take the post as it was intended and either ignore or read as you see fit. I also hope you'll take a moment to pray for the victims and their families.

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