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September 17, 2012


One verse theologies. There are lots of those. Too many......

How does one characterize error and do it in kindness?

Is that even possible?

Aren’t we members of the same Body?

In kindness then. Some misused one-verse systems:

Constant Power. Constant Wealth. All mountain tops and no valleys. The Holy Spirit, God, within the Christian and above the Christian wants all real events that happen to happen including the real sins of the real Christian post resurrection, post New Man. Christian’s never sin against God. Christian’s never “really” sin against God. God never forces the occurrence of any events, ever. God only gives; He never takes. Never judge anything or call anything right or wrong, ever. Men are greater than woman. Give away everything you own and sit in a field waiting for a bird or a fish to bring you coins. God will ensure that you always come out on top in the here and now. If you are poor it is because you have hidden sin in you. If you are really poor then you really have hidden sin in you. If you are rich then you have hidden sin in you. If you are really rich then you really have hidden sin in you. Stick your hand down the mouth of snakes in a church service, literally. The spooky I-Felt-Him-Tell-Me-To-Do-Everything Christians who “feeeeel” God tell them to make breakfast or take showers or, well, every act of every minute of every hour of every day and if you don’t “feeeeel” God like THAT then, well, you’re just not spiritual enough.

We've heard it all. One verse theologies. I’m guilty of this. By that I mean, well, I’m guilty of this. The context which other verses provide to our own favorite verse allows a sort of broader, wider view. We must look through all of the Windows in God’s Word, not just one. He affords us these multiple angles by which to view His singular Real. It’s hard to do the work. I'm not very fond of what this demands of me as I must give up a little here and there to make room for the "and" or the “but” which those other verses elude to on some level. It's hard. And I'm not good at it. Part of why I am not good at this is that I think that I ought to be able to come up with a “system” which adequately houses all of God’s thoughts and thereby conveniently permits me to exist in a place wherein I can see all of the Why’s and all of the How’s. I am afraid of something: I fear He will ever drive me to nothing more than Himself. That would be a terrible end to have to settle for. Just Him. No Why’s. No How’s. No Golden Thread to pull on and unravel it all. I fear I must ever need Him. I fear He will ever leave me answer-less that my only answer would be Him and only Him. I can see some of the How’s and some of the Why’s. Not all. What I can see I can see. What I cannot I cannot. I can see Him. He is enough.

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