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October 29, 2012


It seems they would have to start with a definition of "God" when they say they believe in God. And then the definition of perfect would come in. Perfect power void of perfect goodness? Perfect goodness void of perfect power? Power void of wisdom? All those nuances come necessarily into play.

Natural or general revelation is tricky. Cleary it reveals perfect power to both the very uneducated (what CS Lewis called a subtle interior notion of the numinous and of the wholly other) and to the very educated (the distinctive failure of wave, particle, flux or vacuum to testify of an eternal, material, uncaused cause). But in our own fallen state within the prison and isolation called Self, void of I-You, void of any Singular-We, void of God, and thus void of Love, the definition of Love (which brings in all those other nuances distinct from just raw power) will most certainly be a mangled and distorted definition. Even if we grant that the highest ethic is Love, and even if we grant that Love’s complete essence is both singular and multi-agented (I, You, and the I-You of the Singular-We) it is still quite a leap to pull all of that into God’s perfection by sheer natural revelation alone and conclude that God is Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Power, and Perfect Love and, being Perfect Love, necessarily a Triune-One.

Is it accurate then to say this: “Nature cannot unmask all of God’s Perfection”? Well, not quite. When we say “nature” we exclude a certain kind of Man from the word “Nature”. Man is, will be, made in God’s Image. Ultimately, there is a part of “the created order” which will mirror His Image, and it is Man. But how? How does the Created take on the form of, the nature of, the Uncreated? How does imperfection take on, assume, actually merge with and be one with, the Perfect? How is such a God-In-Man, Man-In-God feasible? As it turns out, there is a part of Nature destined to carry the Image of God and in some fashion mirror, reveal His perfect Power, His perfect Love, His perfect Wisdom. The immutable semantics of an eternal language forever begets Word, and Word, forever living, enters into, fills up, Flesh. Nature, therein, utters the unthinkable: “When you see Me, you see Him.”

Man is more than Power in the Natural realm and so even Man merits more avenues than the ability to swing a club to unmask all that he, man, “is”. Thus too, God, being more than sheer Power in All Realms, necessarily inhabits more avenues than just that one avenue of power as His attributes become unmasked. He must, ultimately, manifest, and fully so, utterly penetrating His Own created order. And He has every right to do so. It is when Perfect Love manifests Himself high on a hill inside of an Eternally-Sacrificed Self, and it is when Perfect Power manifests Himself there inside of Life resurrected from Fatality, Dynamism from Vacuity, Fullness from Void, Actuality from In-Actuality, and it is when Perfect Wisdom manifests Himself there inside of Righteousness becoming Sin, Sin becoming Righteousness, Imperfection-Perfection fully touching, finally, where we begin to glimpse what may be called necessary elements in perfect power, perfect love, and perfect wisdom. Perfect Power disentangles much of the riddle of what the material order of things, in fact, is. Perfect Love disentangles much of the riddle of what God, in fact, is. Perfect Wisdom unravels much of the riddle of how those two, the material and the immaterial, imperfection and perfection, could eternally cohabitate, how the Infinite could enter the Finite, how the Finite could enter the Infinite. Perfection swallows up imperfection and our world’s inscrutable loop is closed.

If God is perfect Power, but is a moral monster, is He perfect?

If God is perfect Love, but is an immobilized cry for help, is He perfect?

If God is perfect Power and perfect Love, but is void of Wisdom, is He perfect?

In the Cross we find the perfect Power of God, the perfect Love of God, the perfect Wisdom of God. That story is the story of Everything. From A to Z.

I find it interesting that Brett states that he will not define compatibalism etc...yet, he is forced to do that anyways in order to make it clear what he means. Let's face it, unless a person has a clear understanding of the libertarian and compatibalist models of freedom, he cannot understand how it all unpacks from the Christian view. We just have to do the extra work, like it or not and no amount of denial is going to change that. No matter how much we protest that it is simple to explain and understand concepts pertaining to god, it really isn't all that simple. The simple answers can only be found in mistaken views about god. If it is a simple answer that the majority gets instantly, that should be your first clue that it is likely to be utterly the wrong answer to a being as complex as god. Yet, this is the first thing that is glossed over. If anything is, it is God that is irreducibly complex.

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