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November 21, 2012


The definition of what makes us human, where our personhood is located, what grants us thought, what generates our emotions, and where our sentience lies is clearly defined, and thus where “that” is found, “human” is found, “person” is found, “we” are found, and things really do become quite clear when we realize where “it” is. Where the genome is, We are. Where the genome is, You are. Where the genome is, I am. That is the floor, that is the ceiling, and that is all the supporting walls in between. Every bit of it. Every bit of I. Every bit of You. Every bit of We.

“DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.” (Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life)

We just are the music; it is the music, those inexplicable notes which come from we know not where, which speak of we know not what. Yes, it is that music, those lovely notes, that unique melody which has all the illusion of composition and all the feel of harmony wherein our voice is irrevocably pinpointed and out of which our song thus sings. We know songs do not sing; we know sings do not song, but so it is, and the how of it we cannot see. It just is. We call it Genome. Nature calls it nothing. An effervescence of seeming synchronization; a cul-de-sac of alleged orchestration.

That tiny little universe we call humanity is found, every bit of it, there inside of that eerie double helix. It’s uncanny. That Ceiling. That Floor. Those walls. All if it. All of us. The song that sings. The sing that songs. In error we claim to sing our song and in error we brand the singing Human. In truth the song sings; in truth the former determines the latter. It is the song and not the singing which is real, which is us. All else is illusion. We have never sung a song. Not ever. Where the Human Genome is, the Human just is.

@scbrownlhrm...your comment to this post was the weirdest thing Ive ever read...that includes green eggs and ham.


Sorry. I may address it here or elsewhere, but, it seems posts are not taking this AM.

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