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November 29, 2012


Great answer!

On another note: That pain in your back sounds like it may be one or both of your sacroiliac joints (I'm trying to recover from back injury myself). If so, keep exercising but take it easy so you don't damage it further. Ask your doctor about it so you can find out exactly what the issue is and the best way to treat it so it has the best chance of healing.

Some things don't get old.

Paul said that we cannot even conceive in our wildest imagination how wonderful heaven is. We all have eternity written in our hearts we can deny the fact to the point that it is difficult to admit it especially when to admit that sense of something beyond this life would require finding out what that is. The reason they deny it is they know there are things in their life that they would have to change their mind about and that would admit they have been mistaken or wrong and then pride steps in and rears its wicked head and they run from the reality of eternity that is written in their heart and the writer is God....if this is communicated in a genuinely kind manner the non believer may respond and at least give it some thought.

I also would suggest when we move on we will not be in even the same dimension so how do we know that it would be bad or good to know that would require getting out of those earthly realm and the only way to do that is dying which logically leads me to think the more I die to self the easier & less complicated our lives become.

One of my deep unfulfilled desires is to catch the perfect wave. how's that going to work in heaven if there is no sea? What is a surfer's heaven?

Mr. John,
Based on Brett's answer to the challenge, the answer to your question might be that your desire to catch the perfect wave would be fulfilled in God--which happens to sound cheesy. How about my hypothetical, deep, and unfulfilled desire to eat a fried oreo? Would that be fulfilled when I come to "see God" in heaven? No, I don't think so. Rather, I think that those kind of temporal desires would be overwhelmed by the "beatific vision." In heaven, my dreams of eating a fried oreo would be forgotten or regarded as ashes and dust upon experiencing God in person. I recommend reading "Paradiso" by Dante (the one translated by Dorothy Sayers is pretty good) for a better idea of the awesomeness of seeing God himself.

"What is a surfer's heaven?"

@John Hannaford

You're confusing categories. This is the same error politicians make invoking "gay rights," "Hispanic rights," "Muslim rights," or any so-called 'rights' derived from demographic special interest. Rights are present universally to all human beings in equal measure and in like kind - everyone has an equal right to own property, but not the same rights to the same piece of property (hence private property rights).

Heaven is not derivative. It is not a repository of wishes. It is a real place. It exists for God's glory; it was designed and purpose-built according to His infinite wisdom, and it will result in the greatest possible fulfillment for every being that gets the undeserved treasure of being able to be there at all, let alone forever and ever.

To put it more plainly:

The fulfillment of heaven comes not from the realization of our personal preferences, inclinations, hobbies, or fantasies. It is assured by virtue of the perfect designer of the perfect environment for our greatest possible benefit, and the prospect of being in the majestic presence of the highest Being in existence. Living in a loving, welcoming, familial relationship with the Creator face-to-face is the greatest possible fulfillment for everyone, regardless of whether we prefer light or dark meat, country or city, surfing or sitting.

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