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December 10, 2012


Great posts, Jim. Thanks very much.


You're to abscent.


My usual pattern. Not "to" but "too"....(some things never change I guess)


"Each of us bears a burden to make a case for what we believe."

What if you are a "tone-deaf" as a salesman? Not everyone is gifted with an ability to sell. I don't agree that everyone is burdened with this task. There are other tasks that have equal importance in the sight of god, even if man ignores them. But gifted salesman are pretty good at convincing us of things even when those things are less than true.


What do you make of 1 Peter 3:15? In the beginning of the chapter Peter states that he is addressing "all of you". That would seem to include you and me would it not?

It should be noted that the verse seems to imply that we are "obligated" to be ready with a thoughtful answer to everyone who asks. This removes the "burden" of me having to go looking for people to give my reasons for the hope that lies within me. Some of us, however, run the other way out of fear of laziness, making sure that we never run into someone who will ask us to explain our faith.

If we hope to be good “one dollar” apologists, we simply need to be able to refer to the experts when we need to.

If only the experts could agree with each other more.


dysteleology assumes Adam is completed prior to that odd Tree in a certain Garden...... a very non-christian assumption..... and therefore of no consequence....

Nice piece, well-presented, and thought-provoking. Thank you for this!

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