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January 09, 2013


I attended 2 summers ago. It was a fantastic location, and I enjoyed being with the other participants, though the promised hard-hitting apologetics didn't materialize. I was welcomed as an atheist, but the Christian argument became no stronger.

Different topic: [comment removed]

Bob, we don't allow people to put ads for their blog on unrelated posts (rather than as part of a conversation as additional explanation for a comment), so I've removed that part of your comment. We're pretty strict about this, even for Christians, so don't take it personally.

Bob, good to hear from you again. Do you get back to Microsoft much?

It seems you fall into the Hitchens camp of "There is no God and I don't like him."

To wit, your recent summary of Koukl's recent Solid Ground is effectively:

1) God's command to annihilate the Canaanites was evil.
2) If I were God I would not have given that command.
3) Therefore, .... ??

As a rational rebuttal of an argument, this seems rather uncompelling.

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