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January 18, 2013


THanks J for this post. Great to see this kind of instruction being provided for to our youth. In fact, it is long past time to have that CH.A.T with our young people... and with us parents as well. Parents play a vital part in the life of their kids and, for the most part, I would suggest that parents are apologetically illiterate. Yet, parents have a controlling interest in our churches. Having our youth pastors engage these topics is a huge step forward. But, parents play the most formative roles in the lives of their children. They need to be engaged also. This means a significant cultural shift in our churches is required. How tragic though that this long standing deficiency continues to be unresolved.

Why is it that many of us, as Christian parents, are prepared to go through life without being able to give answers to honest but tough questions about our Faith? What is our answer when we are asked by our youth "WHy is there evil in the world?" or "Why do you believe God exists?" Many parents (especially Dad's) can provide answers to questions on sports with a degree of statistical accuracy that is amazing. But ask Dad about moral grounding and all you get is the sound of silence.

As parent we need to do more, and I think God expects more of us. Our churches should be engaging both sides of the aisle in this apologetic discussion. Parents and Youth. After all, every time one of our children walk away from the Faith the consequences are profound in their lives here on earth and potentially, eternal. Very little, it seems to me, can be more important then striving to provide a robust foundation for Christianity in the lives of our children. Ultimately the choice is theirs, but have we really committed ourselves to providing the foundation that they desperately need? They are our kids; failure should not be an option... we can do much better on this critical issue given focused church leadership, a willingness for parents to get to work, and the assistance of organizations like STR. The time for apathy has long since passed; now, as parents, is the time for our rededication to the lives of those who are closest and dearest to us. Action is required...

In my simple observation of high school youth groups, it seems like leaders often gear them to a lot of focus on "entertaining" kids, when they seem to get plenty of that outside of these meetings. They can't become the men and women of faith they need to be if they are coddled as children needing endless entertainment and fun. It's time to raise the bar on expectations and tailor their spiritual association time to equip them for the anti-Christian avalanche awaiting them in college.

What a great 'curriculum'! Kids are crying out for reasons for the hope they have and this kind of teaching provides them with the tools to change the world for Christ in a respectable and godly way!

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