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January 29, 2013


I look forward to haring from her. I have never understood why it's almost always men who are Christian apologists. I've always been interested in this area. I have no idea what being male or female has to do with it. Whoever you are, you need to know what you believe and why.

However, it does seem to be the case that women don't seem as interested in these sorts of things as men are. Again, I just don't understand this.

If we're not learning what we believe and why it's objectively true, what on earth are we doing in church week after week?

learning what we believe

You don't know what it is, but you believe it.

@ RonH

I should have said 'learn more accurately what we believe'. (Please, STR, consider adding an Edit function to the site!)

There's a lot to learn in the Bible. Learning it is a lifetime task, just like it is for many other disciplines and areas in life. You wouldn't mock say, a biologist continuing in his education to learn more about his discipline, would you?

Yet you come here, as you often do, simply to mock. Why is that?


I would like to hear Ron's response to your question, but in case he doesn't explain himself, I'd like to offer up a theory that might explain the mocking behavior.

It has been my experience that most antagonists write the things they do because they literally have nothing else to write.

I think this is the case because their view of the world doesn't have much room for a person such as yourself - a thinking Christian, someone that has studied the arguments for various worldviews and religions and has decided that because of the evidence, Christianity is the best explanation for the world as it is.

While we may be willing to listen to Ron go on and on about his worldview that says something came from nothing, he has no ears to hear about your desire to learn more about a book that (even in a naturalistic worldview) had a direct and profound influence on the founding of the western world that he lives in and benefits from.

People like Ron have plenty of room in their worldview for Christians that say "oh well I just have faith because that's what I believe!", but he can't account for you or someone like you. You're an anomaly in his data set that can't be explained by the narrative he has accepted as true, but can't defend with anything more then....well, you know the treatment.

An edit button won't stop the mocking. They will find something to mock you for, whether you write a perfectly structured and ridiculously detailed blog comment or not. The mocking is because you are a thinking Christian with reasons for what you believe, not because you wrote something that is worthy of mockery.

Your bro in Christ,

@ John -

Thanks for the response. I guess I should not hold my breath waiting for one from Ron H.

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