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January 11, 2013


I hate to be a downer, but fewer people will be able to listen live or call in because they will be at work.

Mo, most of the country will be out of work by then (at least, for normal 9-5 working hours). We can't go too late because of the East Coast, so we thought 4-7 PT would be a good compromise. And people will still be able to listen on Sundays on the radio, or through the podcasts whenever they like, or West Coasters can stream live as they're driving home on Tuesdays, if they have streaming on a device in their car (phone, iPad, etc.). We think we'll still be able to get plenty of calls.

I am more curious to find out when the podcasts will be available by...Wednesday...Thursday...?

Will both of the existing call in phone numbers still be the same?

Louis, I'm not sure at this point.

Brad, I think the numbers will change. We'll let you know.

I'm pretty excited about all the changes coming to STR. Keep up the great work!

Is Greg ok? As a lifetime chronic health problem sufferer, I've noticed some tel-tale signs that not all is 100% with Greg. Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Signed: Just Concerned

Louis, he's fine. The change to a webcast is going to free up time for him to speak (or travel to speak) on weekends, and we think it will generally be a step up in many other ways. Greg is going strong! :-)

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