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February 08, 2013



“I am basically defining existence as "reality", not claiming "existence IS reality = true"”

Then you say, “I guess this complete non-existent text doesn't matter anyway”

This is a series which states a contradiction.

You say in the first line that you define existence as being “real” AND you say existence being “real” is not “true”. Thus you are asserting that a real thing is not a true thing, that it is not true that it really is real.

The second line attempts to give you wiggle room by trying to put some room between the word “real” and the word “true”.

If “real” is not “true” then nothing is True, and, also, nothing is real. Thus you are saying this:

“There is nothing real” is a True statement, and, you are saying this, “Real things exist” is a falsehood.

I mean to hold you to this Real/True differentiation.

Saying Real Things Exist, or, saying Real Things Do Not Exist just is a truth claim ABOUT reality, Erkki.

If you mean to say real things do not exist, that is a truth claim ABOUT reality.

If you mean to say real things do exist, that is a truth claim ABOUT reality.

Thus you are left with these, one of which is True:

A) No real thing exists
B) Some real thing exists

Then you do it again:

“Obviously this theoretical uncertainty is not much of an issue in real life”

Now here by “real life” do you mean, when you employ the word ‘real’, which:

A) Existent
B) Non-Existent

Which is true?

Do you mean to say, “Obviously this theoretical uncertainty is not much of an issue in non-existent life” or do you mean to say, “Obviously this theoretical uncertainty is not much of an issue in existent life”?

Erkki, you just are making quite sweeping and grand truth claims ABOUT reality in all of these lines you are using.

If you mean to deny that Actual-ITY exists, then I will leave it at that nonsense on your end. However, as you stated earlier, it is obvious that Actual-ITY exists. Actual-ITY is thus Real. It is thus True that a Real Entity exists. ‘Exists’ and ‘Real’ and ‘True’ all fall into place, that is, unless you mean to make another truth claim ABOUT reality with this: ‘Actual-ITY does not exist’.

Either way you ARE making truth claims ABOUT reality. But I think we agree that Reality/Actuality exists.

Please correct me if I am wrong about this shared agreement.

Now, thus far the following are still intact, still valid:

ITY = Exactly 1 empirically speaking.
ITY = Exactly 1 theoretically speaking.
ITY = Exactly 1 rationally speaking.

Your second point about multiple realities fails to change any of that, given the Multi-Verse being but slices of Actual-ITY.

Ultimate Reality is Self-Existing.

Ultimate Reality Cannot Not-Exist.

Ultimate Reality is Everlasting.

Ultimate Reality is Unchanging.

Ultimate Reality is One.

Ultimate Reality is Truth in the Empirical.

Ultimate Reality is Truth in the Theoretical.

Ultimate Reality is Truth in the Rational.

Ever see a car 'burn off'? Well, the last dozen posts seem to have that quality. All smoke and noise but not going anywhere. Mental gyrations like those are impressive to those who are not going anywhere of importance. If you really mind your p's and q's you would find that this kind of mental gymnastic is made for the avoidance of biblical truth. It's a playing the philosopher while Rome burns. Being alienated from God and the gospel while pretending to own truth like a marionette that you can dance at your own whim. Yet the dance never defeats the death and sin that abounds in this world.

Now, granted its fun to watch the dance, but its also vain and fruitless. Its a win at tic-tac-toe where the winner pretends its the same as winning over cowardice, or winning over bitterness and un-forgiveness. The lengthy debate about truth rambles on but no one is following Christ for it. Jesus has truth and is truth, not just abstractly but really as it pertains to knowledge of truth from God's perspective.

Humanity does not love or know by a "mode" univocal to God. Though such word-play sounds deep, its a mud puddle that deceives the mental gymnast into thinking he's really got something.



When I meet a cocaine addict, I pray for him, tell him of Jesus, and ALSO tell him of his cocaine and its "errors" or "harm".

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