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March 28, 2013


Good response, Brett. A very fair and level-headed approach.

I'm actually getting tired of dealing with atheists/skeptics.

I haven't seen one yet who was even remotely interested in any sort of evidence! I'm sure such people exist, but honestly, I've never encountered one. I think if I did, I would cry for joy at the prospect of having a real conversation where someone's willing to listen, instead of giving evidence after evidence for Christ's claims and having it all completely dismissed without even attempting to think it over.


Remember that our job is not to convert someone but rather give them the truth or as Greg says "put a stone in their shoe".

While it may not look like on the surface anything we have to say has any effect, we need to remember that conversion is the Privilege of God and that when this person is all by themselves, what you had to say enters through their minds. And God uses that like a tiller in the soil preparing it to receive the seed He is sowing.

I'm with you Mo, but I agree with Robby. Let's face it--evangelism is hard work!


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