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March 27, 2013


Consciousness just isn’t the same thing as physical states of the brain because there are things true of one that aren’t the other.

I have a question about this.

I understand 'one' is 'consciousness'.

But, if this is the 'bottom line', we had better know: Does 'the other' refer to 'the brain' or 'physical states of the brain'?


I think the basic problem of dualism is that, if this thing called "matter" does not have any impact on whether I am dead, alive, unconcious, sleeping, on my thoughts or on my feelings, then why do we even have material bodies? At which point exactly does the air pressure transferred to me from my ears to my brain turn into this magical "non-brainy" stuff existing in the idealist realm?

Koukl is fond of saying things like this (paraphrasing):

If you crack open my brain, you won't see my thoughts. Therefore, the mind is not identical to the brain. This is a decisive argument for dualism. I don't know why people don't see it. Well, yes I do: They have their heads in the sand.
I have not heard him put any some substance into this argument; as yet, it appears to be a mere boys' philosophy.


"The brain" versus "physical states of the brain" is a distinction without a difference.

Erkki S.,

You haven't identified a problem. "Why do we even have material bodies?" is a philosophical question that science surely cannot answer for you (unless you're asking about origins, which I don't find in the context of your post). At what point do soundwaves get translated into the awareness of sound? Again, asking doesn't identify a problem for dualism.

You could try stating what you see as the problem. Asking roundabout questions isn't getting you there.

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