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March 11, 2013


" I don't really understand the point of making a series about the Bible if the main point of it all is absent."

When everything dished out is pre-digested, one should expect many of the nutrients to be missing. That is why I think fresh is best and the only way you get fresh, is going back to the text itself. If anything, this series reinforces the idea that relying on movies to inform you about the most important things in life, is like relying on a rubber crutch in a windstorm.

I'm not sure why anyone would expect it to be otherwise. The Bible's main point is that people are sinners and therefore need a savior. That's not going to be a message the world wants to hear/see!

History and theology are interwoven in the Bible. They shouldn't be separated. If they are, you end up with things like this television series which provides some history, but leaves out the theology and, hence, the power.

The one positive I see is this: There will be people who know NOTHING about the Bible who may tune in this show and get curious to learn more. And it may open up opportunities for Christians to talk with their non-Christian family members, co-workers, neighbours, etc. about God, Scripture, salvation, etc.

But this is definitely one case where I can honestly say that I like the book better!

It would seem as if this show is just reinforcing the moralistic therapeutic deism taught in many places.

The bible seem to be a mockery to the bible, there was so many things left out and many false things added thats not in the bible i was so disappointed

The story "The Bible" seems to highlight the wars and violence without purpose. It left our the entire story of Joseph. And when did Christ ever look up to the sky and tell Peter, "We're going to change the world". I worry what else they will have Jesus say.

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