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March 18, 2013


Great video Brett. Thanks for posting this.

Excellent as usual, Brett!

Sincerity is overrated, but I don't really mean that. ;)

Sincerity is fundamental in our faith in Jesus Christ, but if we have not accepted Him into our lives sincerity is not enough. Because what are we being sincere in, helping our our fellowman, the well-being of our fellowman. But if we have not accepted Christ we have not exercised faith in the salvation provided by almighty God. Just as Moses raised up the snake in the wilderness the Son of Man must be raised up. For our salvation. All who looked on the snake in the wilderness were saved, despite all common sense, how could that be? I've just been bit by a snake and I'm sure to die unless I look at this object lifted by Moses? The same is for Christ, His Sacrifice works through our sincere faith in it. Otherwise we are trying to buy our way into heaven with our sincere works.


I don't think our faith is even all that sincere.

Mine sure isn't.

I'm like an Israelite who spends his days longing for the good old days in Egypt. When I get bit by the snake, my first thought is probably to curse Moses for leading me into this wretched wilderness.

But then I look at the bronze serpent because, though I scarcely trust a single word Moses says, what have I got, after all, to lose?

And my gracious God heals me.

My horribly insincere faith (and what little I have of it is a gift from God in the first place) in the right object is what connects me to the grace of God.

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