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May 20, 2013


Good point. Well spoken.

The problem, I think, is that many introverts like myself don't even speak up about things we're passionate about. Speaking for myself, I'm awkward just saying, "Hello," in person, until I get to know someone better. Speaking for myself, it feels extremely rude to interrupt someone until they finish expressing a thought or to talk only about what I'm passionate about. I converse well with Arab Muslims who are fabulous conversationalists (All you have to do is understand their rules of etiquette) and Asian Indians (who are very polite except when they bargain). I don't do well with my fellow Americans who are normally very rude in conversation.

But even with Arab Muslims and Asian Indians, I need a conversational game plan. That's so if I get stuck, I already have a direction I've though about ahead of time that I can use. So that's the suggestion I would have. Think about the people you expect to run across and think about conversation directions ahead of time. I don't wing it very well so this has helped me.

This is a good subject, and good to see Brother J address it. We can also see this question addressed in the Bible; look at the life of Moses, who had a self-confessed stuttering problem, was "slow of speech and tongue," and was very hesitant to assert himself in the manner that God required of him. But God took Moses and made him into the greatest leader that Israel has ever known. How did that happen? Moses' epitaph at the end of Deuteronomy says it best: "whom the Lord knew face to face." God brought Moses into His presence and spoke with him as a man speaks with a friend; this illustrates Brother J's point of speaking out about something we're passionate about. I guarantee if you seek the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, you will find His presence and you will never be the same; you will become passionate about the Lord and thus He will overcome any introverted tendencies in this area.

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