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May 10, 2013


Nice job, J. W. Wallace!

Genealogies and all of history tell us of that God in Whom we find the Eternally Sacrificed Self forever emptying out and the Beloved therein being forever filled up. This we find forever happening within Him for this we find happening eternally within Love and He just is Love. This Self-Other wherein we find the One and Singular We forever begotten is that peculiar singular Us and singular Our Who creates Man in His Singular Image and this is revealed in and through all vectors which break through the skies above our heads. We ought not find it a surprise that such topography is laced all through our consciousness as far back as we can trace for such a regress must necessarily carry us ever backwards finally into Love’s necessarily Eternally Sacrificed Self for such sacrifice just is what Love just does and thus all regresses which die the death of circularity are swallowed up whole in the One Uncreated Actuality in Whom there is no beginning for Love-Him-Self is being forever emptied out and in Whom there is no end for the Beloved is thereby being forever filled up there within Love Himself and here within all that is the Uncreated’s Delight.

Adam-- Man
Seth-- Appointed
Enosh-- Mortal
Kenan-- Sorrow
Mahalalel-- The Blessed God
Jared-- Shall come down
Enoch-- Teaching
Methuselah-- His death shall bring
Lamech-- The Despairing
Noah-- Rest

"Man appointed mortal sorrow. The Blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the despairing rest."

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