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May 22, 2013


Just the other day, the cable guy "assured" me he wouldn't be late for the service appointment. And yet...

"We can have certainty right now."

You do realize there is a difference between "certainty" and "certitude", right?

I think we should keep in mind that "eternal life" has a different meaning in Mormonism than in Christianity.

In Mormonism, eternal life means keeping your marriage in tact forever and progressing toward godhood. That's what Mormons think they have to work for, not eternal life as most of us know it.

Eternal life, as most of us know it, means reconciliation with God and entrance to the kingdom of God as well as a resurrection to a life free of sickness and death, etc. That's something Mormons believe almost everybody gets, and they get it by grace alone. Mormons are almost universalists since very few people are damned in the usual sense of the word.

Being damned in the Mormon sense of the word is what most of us believe happens to everybody anyway since we don't believe anybody keeps their marriage together at the resurrection or that we progress toward godhood after the resurrection. We are all damned in the Mormon sense of the word (or at least the McConkie sense of the word).

So I think it's misleading to say that the difference between Mormons and Christians is that Christians think eternal life is obtained by grace alone through faith alone whereas Mormons believe eternal life is obtained through good works. That is an equivocation on the phrase, "eternal life," since the phrase has a different meaning in both cases.

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