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June 06, 2013



Took a look at the article you linked to and also authored. I think the main point you're getting at is sound. I would argue, however, that whether you label it as "teaching" or "training" the reason you see record numbers of young people running away from Christianity would has more to do with the diluted Gospel that we've been teaching/training them over the last few decades.

In other words, one of the trends in recent years has been to use "carnal means to attract carnal men" to the church, as folks like Paul Washer would say. The outgrowth of that is that a whole generation of young people have grown up in a "carnal church" under the message that "you don't have to be any different than the world around you," and at that point many see no reason why they should waste their time any longer.

Having grown up like this and witnessed it first hand, instead of seeking ways in which to honor the Lord with our lives, we've been brought up to actually seek ways in which to be like the world, under the guise of "identifying" with them and "meeting them where they're at." Sounds good, but Biblically destitute.

For some reason I always think of the example in Luke 24 on the Emmaus road. The two disciples are quoted as saying, "Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, and while he opened to us the Scriptures?" I think that points to the idea that whenever God's truth is espoused to true believers, whether they be young or old, the Holy Spirit develops an affinity and thirst for more of the Word as a response.

Then comes your charge to train them, I think both by sound instruction and teaching in the Word (explaining "the way of God more accurately"), but also as you indicated by ourselves being passionate and humble as fellow labourers with them so as to model for them an example of a Godly life, just as your grandparents did for you.

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