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June 07, 2013



I have to agree. If we have nothing to say to the world that conflicts with their established opinions we are irrelevant, for we have no message.

I think this is why as a teenager I quit going to church and started calling myself an atheist. All I heard in my liberal church was moralism, and I could see that the people in my church were no better or worse than the people outside. This was the only kind of church I'd experienced. My thinking was, "If this is all Christianity has to offer, why waste my time with it?"

Years later, as soon as I heard a coherent presentation of the Gospel of grace, I said, "Who wouldn't want something like this?" I could tell the difference between moralism and Gospel with no trouble at all.

Hmmm, maybe there's not a whole lot of difference between the moralism that's crept into "evangelical" churches versus the poisonous brew I was served in the liberal church.


What's happening in the churches today reminds me of what I read in Eric Metaxas biography of Bonhoeffer about the condition of the German church in the years and decades preceding the takeover of the Nationalist Socialist party. It was going on in American churches also when he came to visit. What he called "cheap grace" and moralism.

Excellent article, Amy! This is one I'll pass on to others.

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