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July 09, 2013



Could you maybe address the issue of someone feeling compelled to share the gospel simply to prove to themselves and to others that they are really a Christian? I get the sense that a lot of people get "guilted" into sharing the gospel, and I'm not really sure that's the intent. From the "gospel sharing" perspective, I, along with Paul, rejoice, but from the "sharer's" perspective, I would have some concerns...

It's also important to choose the proper time and place. Not while we're playing tennis! Later on when hanging out at the bar - that's OK.

My boss says "Lord be praised" and things like that, and it's a harmless way to let people know she's a Christian. Later on, if it came to a deep discussion, no one would be surprised. But never in the office, of course.

I remember a co-worker who claimed to be a Christan, but after some conversations with him I soon discovered he had his own brand of Christianity. He kept talking about his "god" and of course it wasn't the God of the bible. In short, we engaged in heated debates in the office and that almost got us fired. So for me, I keep my witnessing to folks outside the office.

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